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We do not sell fashion or sustainability, we sell self-confidence

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Bring out your best

The way we dress affects the way we walk and talk, interact and connect. Self-confidence comes through the clothes we wear, the colours we mix, the impression we give. But trends can be evasive, shopping a chore, our wardrobes a labyrinth of fabric.


At get in touch, we guide and develop your style. We find outfits that match your natural skin tone, your body shape, your personality. We bring the fun back into shopping, creatively mix what you already have, make you feel the thrill of a fresh look.

Our caring, warm stylists focus on your needs to bring out the best in you. All ages, genders and sizes are welcome.


Less is more

Sustainability is paramount for get in touch. When shopping with our stylists, it is about purchasing from ethical and environmentally-friendly brands. It's also about finding quality second-hand clothes, vintage or contemporary, that suit your style.


More than buying, it's also about using and re-using your existing wardrobe. There are countless ways to mix and match clothes into new dazzling outfits and match the mood of the different seasons.

Get in touch is spearheaded by Natacha, a stylist & consultant in slow fashion. Our company has at heart to promote sustainable fashion practices, and believes everyone can look great, it's simply a matter of finding the right style and outfit.

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What We Offer

What we offer

Colour Coaching

We determine your seasonal type, test out your palette and create your personalized colour passport.

2-3 hours

min 2  hours (150 EUR/h)

Wardrobe Consultation

We review your wardrobe, match existing outfits & declutter.

2-3 hours

min 2  hours (150 EUR/h)

Not sure what you are looking for yet?
Let’s have a 30-minute discovery talk

(free of charge)

Shopping tour in person

We design your new personal style and tour select sustainable fashion shops in Berlin.

3 hours

min 2,5  hours (150 EUR/h)

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A couple of years ago, a friend of mine needed new outfits for her new job. We ended up going shopping together and in the first shop of our tour, I picked out for my friend this beautiful navy blue satin blouse, with a discreet motif of small white dots. She gave me a surprised look, as this was not the style she was used to wearing, but nevertheless tried it on. I will never forget the smile on her face when she looked at herself in the mirror. Not only did she look amazing, she felt amazing. It was from this moment that get in touch was born.


Having worked in the fashion industry for years, it was a natural step to create my own business. I was also keen to transmit my passion for sustainable, slow fashion; to raise awareness on the ecological impact of the clothes industry. Today, get in touch is as much about new sustainable clothes as quality secondhand garments and finding different ways to use and reuse existing outfits.


I speak fluently English, German, French and Spanish. Trends and the sustainable shops in Berlin hold no secrets for me. I would love to meet you and listen to your needs so feel free to reach out!


ipad showing a moodboard and a hand


felix baumgartl

Felix, Strategy Consultant

"Natacha had researched the style I was looking for, assembled an impressive overview of possible outfits that I might (and I indeed did) like. She had planned a tour of 5+ stores to visit & while shopping, she took into account my gut feeling and personal preferences, adapting on the spot to find the perfect clothes for my new style."

isabel nazare

Isabel, Marketing Manager

"I had a great experience with Natacha. Her advice was super practical and I was really able to see what colours suit me and those that don't. The pallettes and colour recommendations are great because I can use them when I am shopping. I would 100% recommend the colour consultation!"

jonathan ketchell

Jonathan, Educator

"I dressed awfully until meeting Natacha. Clothes were too large, shorts too long, the colours were all over the place. Over the years, she has shaped my style and given me confidence. I aim for a shopping session once a year to refresh my wardrobe, with an emphasis on quality second hand clothes."





Questions? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us via the form or reach out via email or phone.

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Natacha Aedo Durán


Stylist & Consultant for Slow Fashion
green and ethical

Phone: +49 157 30198271

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