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Janine is my Sustainable Fashion Partner! Together we want to highlight how important your impact can be while consuming fashion.

janine dudenhöffer at vogue next presented by audi

your style, your footprint

Our wardrobes are crammed with clothes.

According to a Greenpeace study, every person in Germany owns an average of 95 items of clothing. 30%-40% of them we rarely or never wear! This is not only crazy, but also a waste of resources!


With our service of Wardrobe Styling, Janine Dudenhöffer, our team and myself will help to activate what we already have in our closet and thus take action against overconsumption.

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janine dudenhöffer at vogue next presented by audi

Fashion Changers Podcast

Für Fashion Professionals und Modebegeisterte
Themen wie  “Verantwortungsvolle Mode und Branchen News”
Podcast #12Fashion Changers
00:00 / 42:36

"Greenwashing, Green Claims und CSR – wie geht es nun weiter?"

Hosts: Sabina, Vreni und Nina

Gast: Carmen Maiwald


ab 40:32 – Wir stellen  das Business vor get in touch

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